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Six STEM activities to make Earth Day even greener!

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Explore different avenues to becoming an environmental steward and problem-solver!

As Earth Day approaches, we can reflect on our own impacts on the planet and find ways to be more sustainable. Our exhibit Solve for Exhibit will be a place to explore challenges that our environment faces, take action, and inspire hope. You can visit our virtual sneak peak of Solve for Earth to learn about some of the scientists and emerging technologies taking action to address climate change! What will you do next to help the Earth?

Here are some of our favorite activities to focus your problem-solving skills on the natural world and explore careers that help the environment!

1. Go for a nature walk

Enjoy the outdoors and get inspiration for our Biomimicry Mash-Up activity. Use your observational skills as an engineer to notice natural organisms and their unique features, then brainstorm and design a human invention inspired by nature!

2. Reinvent natural materials

Be a materials scientist and harness the sustainable polymers in seaweed to make your own colorful string creations with our Algae String activity!

3. Filter out the trash

Put your environmental engineer hats on to protect our waterways by designing a storm drain that will catch trash in our Building a Storm Drain activity!

4. Help wildlife

Take on the role of a wildlife conservationist in our Caution! Wildlife Crossing activity as you design a road crossing for a wild animal. Help them cross human barriers safely so they can find the resources they need to survive.

5. Explore environmental impacts

Explore the impact of building a hydroelectric dam in your town in our Responsible Reservoirs activity. Act out cause-and-effect scenarios as the town’s mayor.

6. Harness solar energy

In our Cooking with the Sun activity, you’ll use a natural source of energy – the sun – to make s’mores! You’ll not only be a solar engineer and chef, you’ll also enjoy a yummy treat in no time!


Reuse and recycle materials at home with even more activities at The Tech Interactive at Home and The Tech Interactive En Casa.

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