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Feeling cold? Warm up with our STEAM-Olympics!

Keeping up with the Winter Olympics and can’t shake off the extra excitement? Try one of our activities to let off some “STEAM!”

1. Freestyle figure skating at home

Create your own choreography for a figure skating routine at home! You’ll use the Arduino Science Journal app on a smartphone to detect motion in this Winter Olympics version of Gyroscope Dancing. How smooth are your moves?

2. Windy winter days

You get onto your bobsled, ready for the race, but there’s one little problem. You’re on flat land and your bobsled won’t move on its own. How could you harness the power of the wind to push your bobsled forward? Design your own wind-powered bobsled in this adaptation of our Cupcake Delivery activity.

A throwback to our Innovation on Ice Zamboni® Design Challenge in 2018, where we designed wind-powered zamboni vehicles to go across the "ice".

3. Young athletes in training

Feeling energetic from watching all the sports? Young learners, get your athletic training in as you practice the concepts of energy in this game of Energy Red Light, Green Light. Kinetic energy is a “green light” and potential energy is a “red light.” Ready, set, go!

4. Mother Nature in the lead!

What features in the natural world would help you design the best suit for the sport of skeleton? Consider the aerodynamics of a kingfisher as it dives into the water for prey, or maybe the skull of a woodpecker as it takes impact from drilling holes. Try our Biomimicry Mash-Up activity and see what features from different organisms can help you in different sports.

5. Down to the last second

Which athlete was faster? Every second counts in the Olympics! Educators, challenge your students to create their own mechanical timers with our Count the Seconds lesson.

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