Cupcake Delivery


In this design challenge, you will create wind-powered contraptions to transport a load. At The Tech, we use 3D-printed cupcakes as our load, but you can use just about any small object. This activity is a great introduction to hands-on engineering for children 6 and up. While the activity can be completed in around 20 minutes, don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending 45 to 60 minutes perfecting your creation. 


All kinds of items can be used to construct a wind-powered vehicle.
Use whatever materials you have on hand!


Before you start hunting for materials around your house, it’s helpful to consider the goals of your design challenge. Think about what qualities you want your contraption to have, and what you might use to create them. 


Hands-on Engineering




20+ minutes

Key Concepts

Friction, surface area, balance

Want a challenge?


Brainstorm situations where remote delivery might be necessary.

Want a challenge?


Build a wind-powered device using recycled items.

Want a challenge?


Test your device on a bumpy terrain.

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