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Virtual Field Trips

The Tech Interactive and Discovery Education have partnered to provide EVERY student a virtual pass to The Tech Interactive’s most exciting exhibits, encouraging them to innovate for a better world. No reservations are needed to try one of our free virtual field trips today!

Tech for Tomorrow Virtual Field Trip

This career-focused virtual field trip takes you on a road trip through Silicon Valley to meet some of the region’s smartest and most innovative tech experts. Get a sneak peek inside some real-life medical labs, workshops and makerspaces and hear advice about how you can follow your passions to work in tech, too!

Along the way, you'll get to experience some of our favorite exhibits and make the connection between what we do here and the exciting work of tech engineers and entrepreneurs.

Tech for Global Good Virtual Field Trip

Join us as we dive into data-driven innovation in our Tech for Global Good Virtual Field Trip. Meet the 2020 Tech for Global Good Laureates – four groundbreaking STEM pros who are rethinking data technology to transform our world for the better. This free, 25-minute virtual experience is available now!

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