Biomimicry Mash-Up


Humans often look to nature for lessons on how to solve problems. Engineers have built self-cooled buildings inspired by termite nests and designers are studying the peregrine falcon's flight as inspiration for future aircraft.

Bios (life) + mimesis (to imitate) = Biomimicry

Design Challenge

In this activity, you will use biomimicry to design new versions of everyday objects! Use a natural organism's special features to design a new human object. Then sketch or design your new biomimicry mash-up!

Key Concepts

Problem-solving, brainstorming, nature-inspired design, biomimicry

Want a challenge?


Dive into biomimicry and learn about interesting adaptations in nature.

Want a challenge?


Create a mash-up of an organism’s adaptation in nature and an everyday human object.

Want a challenge?


Design a prototype for your new biomimicry mash-up using items from around your house. Present your new idea for a human product using nature as inspiration!

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