Algae String


We use plastic objects every day. But what is plastic? If we zoomed in for a closer look, we'd see that it’s made of lots of long molecule chains called polymers. Most of today's plastics are made in a lab and not environmentally friendly, but nature can make useful polymers too! For example, natural rubber and paper are both created from natural polymers that are biodegradable. In this activity you will use polymers made by algae and a bit of chemistry to create your own custom string! 

Design Challenge

Create your own colorful string creations using ingredients that come from algae. Then craft fun things with your string! 


Biodesign, Chemistry, Materials Science


Make algae gel: 20 min

Let gel rest: 1 hr- overnight

Make calcium bath: 5 min

Make string: 30 min

Key Concepts

Polymers, chemical reactions, biomaterials, fiber arts 

Want a challenge?


Search your house for things made from plastic. Brainstorm items from nature that could replace that plastic?

Want a challenge?


Make string out of ingredients from algae and other natural materials!

Want a challenge?


Make a 3D creation with your algae string. Crochet or knit your own bracelet!

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