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Have you heard the joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” The funny and obvious answer is, “to get to the other side!” But in real life, this is an important question that wildlife conservationists ask. Animals cross busy roads to find food, have babies, and find new safe places to live. If animals can’t cross roads, dams and other human structures as they move about, their survival can be threatened, they can get isolated and die out. What can you do to solve this problem? Like conservationists and engineers, you can design and test a wildlife crossing for your favorite animal. Wildlife crossings help animals to cross human barriers and do the things they need to do to survive. Underpass tunnels, green bridges, amphibian tunnels and fish ladders are examples of crossings designed to meet the needs of specific animals. Use your creativity and imagination to help your favorite animal cross safely.

Design Challenge

Build a structure (bridge, tunnel, etc.) to get an animal safely across a road.






20+ minutes

Key Concepts

Biodiversity, design challenges, problem solving, iteration

Want a challenge?


Imagine a road with forest on both sides. Can you draw a structure that would allow wildlife to safely cross that road?

Want a challenge?


Build a structure (bridge, tunnel, etc.)  to get an animal safely across a road.

Want a challenge?


What if your wildlife crossing needs to be shared by two very different animals? Can you accommodate both?

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