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Six spoopy activities to get your kids interested in STEM for Halloween

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The Tech Interactive’s guide to having a fun Halloween at home

1. Who Ya Gonna Call? Inflatable Ghosts Why spend money on decorations when you can design your own at home? Make the friendliest ghost in town or a little monster only a mummy would love. You can upcycle plastic bags, tape and random odds and ends to make your own blow up creation with a fan or hair dryer. Warning: you may want to get Ghostbusters on speed dial first. Check out our guide here.

2. A Halloween Spin

It’s aliiiiveee! Make an optical illusion the whole family can enjoy with Thaumatropes. Draw

images on either side of a paper disk, spin and watch the hocus pocus! All you’ll need is some sturdy paper or cardboard, string, markers and creativity. Make a jack-o'-lantern without all the mess … or give a skeleton some moves. Check out our guide here.

3. Come, We Fly! Witch Zipline Even the Wicked Witch needed a little help flying at first. Make a zipline to help your own little witch or her flying monkeys get across the living room. Bonus points if you can build something sturdy enough to get candy from the Sanderson sisters to trick-or-treaters at least six feet away! Check out our guide here.

4. You Rang? Make a Monster House

Reuse cardboard into the spookiest house on the block! Spend some time thinking about who you are designing for. Are you giving Frankenstein a place to rest his boots and recharge? Will Vampira need some blackout curtains? What Addams Family-style shenanigans can you build in? Let your kiddos get comfortable using age-appropriate new tools — with supervision of course! Materials: Scissors, tape, hot glue gun, markers.

5. Making with Microbes: Costume Edition

Our own version of the Hocus Pocus spell book made with biomaterial.

Grow your own costume with Making with Microbes! Our BioTinkering activity helps you harness the power of biology by growing leather from tea. You can experiment with color and texture. Can you make a pirate eye patch or mask worthy of Zorro? Make feathers, leaves or your own book of magic spells! Check out our guide here.

6. Send Some Halloween Love!

No parties, no problem! Can we keep the spirit of the season and send a friend a fun card? Make your own Cabbage Inks palette and paint a pumpkin patch, spooky scene or friendly ghost and mail it to Grandma or anyone who could use a little fall pick me up. Check out our guide here.


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