What are inflatables?  

Ever seen those wacky waving tube dudes outside a car dealership or furniture store? Imagine a DIY version!


In this playful, open-ended activity, thin plastic is cut into shapes and taped together so it inflates when placed over an air source, such as a fan. Motion of the wind brings the character to life, and decorative elements like googly eyes and construction paper tell its story. Inflatables are a wonderful family activity and can be done by anyone who can hold a pair of scissors.


Inflatables can be created from all kinds of materials. Explore your junk drawer or garage to find fun odds and ends to give your creation personality.


Who Ya Gonna Call? Inflatable Ghosts

Why spend money on decorations when you can design your own at home? Make the friendliest ghost in town or a little monster only a mummy would love. You can upcycle plastic bags, tape and random odds and ends to make your own blow up creation with a fan or hair dryer. Warning: you may want to get Ghostbusters on speed dial first.


Design Thinking




30+ minutes

Key Concepts

3D design, structural integrity, spatial reasoning, aerodynamics  

Want a challenge?


Write a story about an inflatable character.

Want a challenge?


Create an inflatable from household items.

Want a challenge?


Add moving parts to your inflatable.

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