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STEM activities for a day of fun in the sun

Don’t know what to do with all your free time now that school is out? Kick off your summer with these activities!

1. Gimme s’more sun!

Who needs a campfire when you can harvest the power of the sun? Build your own solar oven to make a yummy treat sure to please in Cooking with the Sun. It will leave everyone wanting s'more!

2. Dance-off data challenge

How smooth are your moves? Bust out your best Floss, Moon Walk or Chicken Dance in this activity perfect for all ages. In Gyroscope Dancing you'll use a smartphone to see if you can go with the flow or bounce with the beat. Psst: you'll have so much fun you might forget you're actually exercising!

3. Beat the heat: Make that iced!

Keep your cool this summer with this spin on one of our hottest activities. Can you build a Zipline to deliver ice cubes straight to your drink? Bonus points if you can also deliver the drink to your cup- make sure you don’t spill!

4. Calling all thrill seekers!

Buckle up and get ready to design your own amusement park ride with our Roller Coasters activity. Learn some basics of physics, toy around with fun materials and get ready for all the twists and turns it takes to be an engineer. Make sure to raise your hands and scream “WOOOOOOO!!!” after a successful test! Extra credit if you do a little research on your favorite ride and incorporate its mechanics.

5. Prepare your summer tie-dye wardrobe

Create eco-friendly fabric dye out of red cabbage then add some guilt-free flair to your summer style! In an activity straight from the brains of the folks behind our BioTinkering lab, you’ll harvest pigment from cabbage then experiment with making your own colors by changing the pH before creating your own tie-dye patterns. What unique Cabbage Inks Tie Dye creations can you come up with?

6. Unplug and get creative

Looking for more summer fun? Try our Summer Unplugged activities. Get festive and:

  • Design your own fireworks show

  • Add to your roller coaster by designing a water park

  • Map out your ideal summer travel destination

  • Fashion your own sun hat

  • Stay cool by building your own fan!

Be sure to check out our free at-home guide for STEM learning, The Tech Interactive at Home. Don’t forget to also come see us at The Tech Interactive, now open on weekends.

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