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Summer Unplugged

School’s out, let’s make!

Things are heating up and we’ve created five summer-themed design challenges for you to try. Share what you’ve made with us using the hashtags #TheTechAtHome and #SummerUnplugged for a chance to be featured on our social media channels!


Week 1: Frozen Fireworks

What if you could freeze a firework? What would it look like in 3D? Design your own non-flammable model. How can you share your celebration with others? Is it wearable, shareable, or viewable from afar?


Week 2: Sunshade

When the sun beats down, stay protected by designing your own sunhat. Make a hat that shows off your special style. Perhaps you can design for someone else or a special celebration. Add all of your favorite features (water bottle, music, etc.) for sunny day fun.


Week 3: Water Course

Cool off from the summer heat and design a miniature water park. See how many different ways you can get the water to move. Will it splash? Will it waterfall? Will it spray your unsuspecting riders?

Bonus challenge: Can you find a way to re-use/recycle the water?


Week 4: Travel Destination

Create a map, model, or sketch of your ideal travel destination. Real or imaginary! Who would you take with you? What would they need/want to do? How can you make it fun for everyone?


Week 5: Your Biggest Fan

Making your own fan is a breeze! Create your own designs for a hand or foot-powered fan. Get inspired by windmills and pinwheels! What shapes and materials will work best to keep you cool? How can you make your fan move with the least effort?

If you think this looks fun, wait ‘til you try these!

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