Puzzling Procedure


Have you ever tried to think like a computer? Guess what? You probably do it all the time without even knowing! Computational thinking is a problem-solving process that is used in everyday life as well as by computer programs. In this fun activity you’ll apply your computational thinking skills to jigsaw puzzles. In addition to doing a puzzle, you’ll create an algorithm or set of instructions to help someone else solve jigsaw puzzles. 

Design Challenge

Create a step-by-step algorithm to describe your puzzle-solving strategy. 

  • Paper, notecards or sticky notes

  • Writing utensils (paper, pencil, marker, etc.)

  • Jigsaw puzzle 


Computational Thinking


30+ minutes

Key Concepts

Algorithms, computational thinking, computer science

Want a challenge?


Do a jigsaw puzzle, and write down some strategies you used to help you solve it.

Want a challenge?


Create a step-by-step algorithm to describe your puzzle-solving strategy.

Want a challenge?


Once you’ve created an algorithm for puzzles, try creating an algorithm for another task, problem or process in your daily life.

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