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In 1999 we made a time capsule that asked people what technology and life would be like in 20 years! As we unearthed it, we were amazed by the responses. Creating a time capsule can be a fun way to capture memories for your family, school, or even self. Whether it’s a box you save to open till next year, or a video you edit and save for 20 years, a time capsule can help you reflect on what’s happening right now, as well as imagine and hope for the future. And it’s always fun to look back later and reflect on what has changed since you created it!

Design Challenge

Make a time capsule capturing your life now. Save it to open/watch at a later date!


  • Paper & something to write with

  • "Artifacts": Interviews, memories and mementos

  • A capsule: Something to keep your "artifacts" in

  • (Optional) Video, video editor, thumb drive and online storage

Time Capsule

Time Capsule Header webpage-01.png


Social Science, Digital Literacy




30+ min

Key Concepts

History, storytelling, design, videography

Want to do this for your school or classroom?

Have students think about the future of your school, the community or technology/the world at large. 


Physical Artifacts: Students can think about and discuss ideas. Then write a note, draw a picture or create a design to capture their ideas. 


Video Artifacts: Have students plan out messages. Then get a parent volunteer (you know the one) to grab their video camera or cell phone and record and edit the video messages.

Make a plan to store it and open it in 5, 10 or 15 years.  (This year’s Kindergarteners can open the school time capsule in 5th grade!)

Want a challenge?



Write a letter to yourself in the future. Add in a few drawings, photos or items that remind you of this time. Save it and open it in a year! 

Want a challenge?



Create a video time capsule. Interview your family and friends. Ask them what they imagine the world will be like in the future. Back it up and plan to watch it in a few years!

Want a challenge?



Design your own capsule and fill it with artifacts from your life. Engineer the perfect item to remember this moment and time. Make sure to use items you won’t miss and you can store for a few years!

If you think this looks fun, wait ‘til you try these!

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