Paper Skyscraper

Your Challenge  

Create the tallest structure you can with five sheets of paper and one foot of tape in 15 minutes or less. It must stand up on its own!

Mix it Up!

Make do with what you have around the house. Reuse paper that’s already been printed on. No printer paper? Old magazines might work! No masking tape? Sub in some clear tape or painter’s tape, or get creative with other ways to hold things together, like with rubber bands and paperclips. 

Get Silly!

Have some fun with these additional challenges themed around protecting your TP stash!

  • Create the tallest structure you can that can hold up a roll of toilet paper.*

  • How many rolls of toilet paper can your structure hold?

  • Start fresh and take an artistic spin. Create a sculpture to hold your toilet paper!

*Please leave the toilet paper rolled up! We don’t want to waste our precious resources!


Engineering, Design Thinking




15+ minutes

Key Concepts

Civil engineering, weight, structure, stability, design, test, iterate, build

Want a challenge?


No tape? No problem! Rip up and fold paper into as many shapes as you can.

Want a challenge?


Create the tallest structure you can with five sheets of paper and one foot of tape.

Want a challenge?


Add a time limit or reduce the amount of tape you can use.

If you think this looks fun, wait ‘til you try these!

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