Can you move as smoothly and silently as a ninja? In this experiment, you will use your stealthy ninja skills to move through a noisy obstacle course while holding a smartphone that is recording data on your performance. The challenge is to navigate this noisy course with a steady, quiet pace that doesn’t cause your phone’s sound sensor or accelerometer to spike.  This fun activity can get your whole family up and moving while analyzing data!

Ninja Walk

Design Challenge and Science Journal Experiment

Design a noisy obstacle course and then test your ability to move smoothly and silently through it using the sound sensor and accelerometers on the Google Science Journal app


Data Science, Physical Education




15 minutes for set-up, experiment time varies

Key Concepts

Data literacy, experimental design, experimentation, graphical representation, interpreting data

Want a challenge?


Plan out an imaginary noisy obstacle course in a small space.

Want a challenge?


Build a noisy obstacle course at home and try to move through it as silently as possible

Want a challenge?


Layer on the Google Science Journal app to graph how loud your movements are.

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