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Maker May Design Challenges 

It’s May, so let’s make!

In the spirit of National Week of Making in May, the educators and scientists at The Tech Interactive have created five different design challenges for you to try at home! Each day has a different theme, starting with things you can wear and ending with things you can play! Whether you try them all or just a few, you’ll find that making is a great way to be creative and use your innovator mindset. And don’t forget to share what you’ve made with us at #TheTechAtHome!


Day 1: Utility Belt

Make something you can wear. Design a utility belt for a day trip, such as a day at the beach or a Memorial Day barbeque. How can you hang/store things to use all day? Try to include at least three items: something to drink, something to play with, and something to communicate.


Day 2: Design by Nature

Make something you can share. Design a piece of art from nature that spreads joy! Use natural materials like leaves, sticks, rocks, flowers. Take a photo, make a video or leave it in your neighborhood.


Day 3: Laundry Launch

Make something you can launch things with! Laundry blues getting you down? Build  a simple machine like a lever (catapult or trebuchet anyone?) to fling your socks or undies straight into the hamper! How high and how far can you launch them? Does it make a difference how you fold/ball them up? Why?


Day 4: Float Away

Make something you can float. Using five items from your recycling bin, build a boat that can float from one end of your bathtub (or kitchen sink) to the other. Can your boat carry supplies? What is the maximum weight your boat can carry?


Day 5: Let’s Play

Make something you can play. Design your own arcade game! Skee ball, bean bag toss or even pinball, what can you create with items around your house? Can you take it to the next level and add sensors and electronic reactions?

If you think this looks fun, wait ‘til you try these!

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