Have you ever gotten a new shirt that ends up being itchy, uncomfortable or just doesn’t fit right? Imagine if it had actually been designed for your needs with a user-centered design process. This process focuses on building empathy, and is used to design everything from clothing and chairs to cars and apps. In this activity, you will play the role of a product designer, identify a user and get to know their individual needs. You will create a design concept for a face mask, focusing on its fit and comfort.

Design Challenge

Protect a toy by drawing a design concept for a mask designed to its unique face and head shape. 

Learn more about the science behind face masks with this video from Stanford Children’s Health.

Face Masks for Friends


Design Thinking




30+ minutes

Key Concepts

User-centered design, concept, concept sketching, user interviews

Want a challenge?


Compare and contrast the facial features of some stuffed animals. How would a face mask fit them differently?

Want a challenge?


Practice interviewing skills, learn about user-centered design and sketch a face mask for a family member or friend.

Want a challenge?


Use recycled materials to create a mask from your sketch.

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