Project Playground


Think about the last time you visited a playground. Did you see other people there? What were they doing? Just like any place you go, playgrounds are created with a purpose—they are meant to be community spaces that are open to all kinds of
people to visit and enjoy. Playground designers and engineers think carefully about what would be safe and exciting for everyone. For this activity you will become a playground designer! Your job is to create a play space that is fun, both for you and other kids. Sketch out your plans for the latest and greatest playground, designed for you and a fictional friend. Once you’re happy with your design, present it to the world and introduce everyone to the playground of the future.

Design Challenge

Design and draw a playground for yourself and a fictional person, then pitch your design to family and friends!

  • Paper

  • Something to write with

  • Persona Cards, My Playground Design sheet (both in PDF guide)

  • (Optional) Colors (markers, pencils, crayons, etc.)


Design thinking


30 minutes

Key Concepts

Inclusion, iteration, problem-solving, empathy, brainstorming

Want a challenge?


Picture your favorite playground and imagine you have a new friend who’s never been there. How can you make sure your friend has fun and feels safe? Write down some questions you would ask them.

Want a challenge?


 Design and draw a playground for yourself and a fictional person, then pitch your design to family and friends!

Want a challenge?


Build a prototype of your playground out of things like Lego bricks, wooden craft sticks or cardboard. Use a toy to test how it feels to play in the space you designed.

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